Time is money, but where is your time?
Time is money, but where is your time?
29 maart 2018 
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Time is money, but where is your time?

The meaning of numbers according to Jan Bakker

Already in my high school time, I found the meaning and interpretation of numbers interesting. It was already a source of inspiration and attention. Already in my early years, I realized that a number is not just a number. You can also see that in astrology, for example. In this, the position of the 12 signs in the zodiac determines what your future looks like. Future that’s time.

Lucky number

Many people talk about ‘my lucky number.’ I consider the ‘6’ as my lucky number. What does that mean for me? To a lucky number, in my case the 6, I hang things that I expect in the future. When I buy a state lock, chances are I will ask: “Do you do a lot with a final mark of 6?” Even if it is a lottery, I want to make it dependent on my lucky number.


What’s your lucky number? Mine is 6


Control of your time is essential

In the end, this fascination with numbers led me to study accountancy in 1966. Time plays a vital role in that field. Writing hours, billable hours. And also, non-billable hours. You also do things that you cannot declare but have to be done. And to keep control on your time, writing hours is essential.

Also, the function of an accountant in business operations is often the interpretation of registered figures, among other hours. Profitability, profit capacity. You probably know the terms. As an inspector at an insurance company, my job was to help people – in medical practices – to get a healthy financing plan. That was again interpretation of numbers. And keeping track of my hours, controlling them.


A simple system was needed to make time registration easy

As an entrepreneur, I discovered at a certain point that a simple system was necessary to make registering time more accessible for everyone. To record it, interpret and make visible for myself and my clients. That was the start of 14Dayz for me. Get to know 14Dayz here.

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