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14Dayz: The easy mobile time tracking solution

Managing time is a hassle when you're not using a time saving tool on mobile. 14Dayz is the easy time tracking app that helps improving your business' productivity by one-click tracking and reporting time.

We designed the tool with freedom in mind: saving time creates time for the things you love!

14Dayz is not a tool that gobbles up tons of time to get started. Super fast onboarding has always been our starting point. 14Dayz is great to use when you just want a tool that helps you track time as easy as possible. But when you're in need of a tool that provides more data, you can customize tracking and reporting of your projects and teams exactly the way you like it to be. 

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One click tracking
Easy mobile time tracking
Easy mobile time tracking
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Hassle free is our motto

Super fast onboarding

No wizzkid needed to get started. But in case you need help, we have some tutorials for you.

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Start time tracking immediately after signing up.

Can it be easier?

Realtime time tracking with just one click.

You're gonna love data!

Even when you're not into numbers: generate insights in seconds.

Now your invoices are ultra acccurate

Guess you like to get paid for your work, right?

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