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Easily track billable hours

You'll save time and money too.

About 14Dayz

With the 14Dayz time tracking solution you’ll never have to debate on the hours displayed on invoices. What’s so nice about it, is the fact that you don’t need more than a smartphone or tablet to track your time. Wherever you are, whenever you like, time tracking with 14Dayz is simple, transparant, safe and mobile.

Jan Bakker

Jan is our founding father. 

Back in 2005 Jan Bakker was looking for a solution to track time. He wanted it to be easy. There shouldn’t be any time spent on tutorials about how the solution works. He also was in need of a one-click solution that provided a clear overview of hours.

February 2019: With great sadness, but with the deepest respect for all his courage, unconditional positivity and commitment, we announce the passing away of our founder Jan Bakker. Jan had been ill for a while. Nevertheless, his death came very suddenly.

Fortunately, despite his illness, he experienced the transition to our new application. A task he was devoted to. We are grateful for all his input, inspiration and insights. With this, we can further expand 14Dayz in the coming years and continue to innovate.

With the legacy of Jan in our minds, we - the 14Dayz Support team - continue our efforts to provide you with the best time tracking application possible.

Pepijn Bakker

In 2010 Pepijn joined the company. "I was a huge fan of the simplicity of 14Dayz but now it is time to move on and take 14Dayz to the next level.

Together with our team, it is my job to gear up 14Dayz, as the most simple time tracking tool."

Romualdas Maciulis

"My whole life I believed that I can "stretch" time - I was under the illusion that somehow you can make everything happen. Run a business and also run a family. Until one day I was playing with my daughter and had my blackberry in another hand; I felt stress and I could not take it anymore. I had to accept that we all have 24 hrs and that there is only always going to be 14 dayz in a fortnight. Now, I am free. But my journey began with my first small step - tracking time"

Rudy Godding

Rudy is our marketing expert with a passion for engaging content. He helps us to attract people who are looking for a great time tracking solution. With the best digital marketing medicines he helps to keep 14Dayz healthy.

Anouk Bakker-Deelen

Anouk joined 14Dayz at the beginning of this year. Her passion is discovering all the possibilities of the social media channels in order to optimally involve the users of 14Dayz in the new possibilities that the internet offers our users. She advises 14Dayz on the application of social media channels.

Why work with 14Dayz?


All the features in the application are friendly to use.


This is what you need to track your time hassle free and accurately.


Every minute that matters is registered, and ready for reporting whenever you need it.

Easy to use

You can start tracking your time immediately.

Clear overview

Produce reports on different levels to manage your business, projects and budget.

Great for teams

There are no limits for collabration.

Interested in the features of the 14Dayz time tracking application?

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