Time tracking everywhere and at any place with the renewed 14Dayz application
Time tracking everywhere and at any place with the renewed 14Dayz application
23 februari 2018 
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Time tracking everywhere and at any place with the renewed 14Dayz application

The 14Dayz simple time tracking solution gets a new coat

Spring is coming. The season we’re all looking for some kind of freedom. The trend is to enjoy our freedom everywhere and at any place in your backpack. But not just digital nomads enjoy this type of freedom. Our work is not being concentrated in one place anymore. Your office or work spot can be anywhere on earth. So time tracking has to evolve too.

In search of a tool to track your working time accurately, you’ll find there are several options to choose. Every tool has its own features. Some unique features of 14Dayz are:

  • we have designed a planning tool that ensures accurate forecasting, with an improved view forward and the ability to make changes within members and weeks by a simple move-over and replacement of predicted time.
  • the business at a glance feature offers you a total view of your business and projects, enabling you to see the status of your forecast and planning
  • the allocation functionality helps you to create separate project groups within your business or projects

In comparison with other time registration systems, 14Dayz remains the best for the lowest price. See for yourself!

New 14Dayz release is coming

14Dayz offers the freedom we’re all looking for, especially when we release our full new 14Dayz application in the spring. We’ve been listening to our users, people like you. Numerous new ideas and possibilities are now incorporated in the new version. One of the features that we know you’ll be happy with is the possibility to see the status of your business at a glance.

As we mentioned, the 14Dayz application gets a new coat. During the past months, the look has undergone a transformation. With user-friendliness simplicity and usability as our paradigm.  With that in mind, the look has been refreshed. But there’s more.

For the Gold and the Platinum Plan, an advanced planning tool has been added. This planning feature enables you to follow your projects even more efficiently and help prevent miscalculations in your price. So 14Dayz is not just about time tracking; it improves your business performance.

Mobile app

Tracking time on your mobile phone would be welcome? We thought so too. In 2006 we launched our first application. Desktop only. Times have changed and mobile use has increased rapidly. That’s why in spring 2018 14Dayz will launch a mobile app. Every team member records his or her time and costs in the app. It doesn’t even matter if you have an internet connection. Your phone stores all your data. As soon as you are within reach of an internet connection, the system automatically synchronizes with the central server. Your time registration is always correct and up-to-date, with reports available at any time. Time registration will not be a boring side job anymore. It will be fun and time-saving!

What else is changing?

In the old system of 14Dayz time tracking, the number of projects and categories per Plan was limited. In the new application, there is no longer any restriction on the number of projects and categories. The limit of each Plan is determined by a maximum number of team members per Plan. If you choose the Free Plan, maybe to discover whether the 14Dayz features match your needs, the maximum number of projects is limited to 4, with one user.

The Free Plan remains Forever Free. The app is included, as well as other functionalities. Exporting data takes place in PDF format for the Free Plan and enables the single-person to send his account to the customer at any desired time.

Your business at a glance

14Dayz dashboard

Your business status at a glance with our new dashboard

Bronze Plan

We’ve replaced the Personal Plan with the Bronze Plan. There is a small price adjustment for all new functionalities. For each team member, a surcharge of € 1 per month will be charged over the base price of the various Plans. You’ll find all specifications here.

Free data conversion for existing relations

For all existing relations of the current 14Dayz application, all data from the existing system will be converted free of charge into the new system. This offer only applies to Paid Plans. Let’s dive into some details:

  • The team owner will receive an e-mail containing the information what exactly will happen and at what time. We also help you with how to inform your team members. And there is a nice gift!
  • All current paying 14Dayz time tracking accounts will continue to pay the old price for the use of 14Dayz until November 30, 2018. The new rates will take effect on 1 December 2018.
  • Newly created 14Dayz accounts before 28 March 2018, get the same offer. All data entered in the old version of 14Dayz will be transferred to the new version for free. The old rates apply until November 30, 2018.

How does this affect your Plan?

As an example, you now work with four men in a Personal Plan with a maximum of 7 projects, and you pay € 4 per month for this. As soon as we launch the new application your plan will be automatically changed into a Bronze Plan with an unlimited number of projects and a maximum of 10 team members. And you’ll only pay € 4 per month until 1 December 2018.

When you’re a Bronze Plan user at the moment, you could think there’s no benefit in changing to the new system. But that’s not the case. For a Bronze Plan, a € 10 fee per month applies in the existing system. Let’s say you’re the only user; being a team owner. In the new situation, the basic fee is € 9 per month. For that single user – you- we’ll charge a fee of only € 1 per month, extra. Your monthly fee is € 10 per month, up to ten members, until December 1, 2018. Here you find all pricing plans.


Wherever your work spot is, time tracking with 14Dayz is available

Get the offer!

If this offer appeals to you, then you can directly create your 14Dayz account in the old system, starting with the Bronze Plan. You will pay only € 10 per month until Decembre 1, 2018. This offer is valid until Wednesday 28 March 2018 at the latest. If you’re new to 14Dayz, you can get the offer here.

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