Why time tracking is important: Because time is money…

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Why time tracking is important: Because time is money…

Time is a costly factor

An old saying, but ever so true. Companies and entrepreneurs are often faced with the costly side effects of time. That’s why it’s important to track your work accurately.

What hours are invoicable?

Do you recognise this: after a day of hard work, lots to do, a lot done. But what was it that you were spending your hours on? What hours are invoicable? Back in 2005 Jan Bakker was looking for a solution to track time. He wanted it to be easy. There shouldn’t be any need for tutorials about how the solution works. He also was in need of a one-click solution that provided a clear overview of hours.

That solution he found in the creation of 14Dayz!


Easy, intuitively, clear, transparant and complete

With the 14Dayz time tracking solution you’ll never have to debate on the hours displayed on invoices. What’s so nice about it, is the fact that you only need a small device like a smartphone or tablet to track your time. The time tracking application is able to register data, independent of a active internet connection. Once you’re in a WIFI zone, the application synchronizes. Wherever you are, whenever you like.

Try it here for free!


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