Time management strategies for web designers
Time management strategies for web designers
16 augustus 2021 
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Time management strategies for web designers

With the help of these time management strategies for web designers, you’ll be able to optimize your workflow and make the most of your day.

As a busy web designer, you could probably do with a few more hours in the day; unfortunately, 24 hours is all you get. What you can do, however, is to make better use of that time. With the help of some of the best time management strategies for web designers and the use of modern technology, you can organize yourself better and become more efficient. And you know what they say – time is money. So learning how to make the most of it is in your best interest.

How can time management strategies for web designers help you?

Designing a website is no easy task. You need to juggle multiple tasks simultaneously, never dropping the ball on any of them. With deadlines always looming just around the corner, that can be very stressful. But your job doesn’t have to be like that; you can improve your business and your mental health both by simply being more organized. When you manage your time better, you can get more things done faster and with less pressure. This translates to better design work, more satisfied customers, and more completed projects. And it all starts with time tracking.

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What are the best time management strategies for web designers?

There are many ways to get the most of your day, from getting up earlier to sticking to a schedule. But some of the best tips for time management are not what you’d expect. So here’s what you need to do:

Plan ahead

Any job where you’re working on multiple complex projects at once requires a strategy. This is not just about time; it’s also about making sure you’ve done everything you need to do. So take the time every week to write down everything you need to do and the deadline for each task. You can make it in the form of a schedule or a checklist. But don’t just think about it – put it down on paper or on a screen to make it more real. That way, you can use the plan to hold yourself accountable. Although this will actually take some time out of your day, it’ll pay off in the long run because it’ll save you a lot of trouble down the line.

Track your time

As a business owner, one of the best things you can do to save money for your company is tracking your time. An app like 14 Dayz will provide you with invaluable data about where all your hours go. How much did you spend on which project? How much do you need to charge the client if you have hourly rates? Did you waste some of your time on projects that did not pay off? The more you know, the better because information like this can help you make better decisions in the future.

Remove distractions

Everyone gets distracted sometimes; it’s practically inevitable with as many things as are happening around us at all times today. But web designers have it worse than most. Working on a computer, often online as well, means that distractions are just a click away. You need to learn how to avoid them. Self-discipline is very helpful with this, but it can take time to acquire. Until you learn to keep yourself on track, try to stick to a schedule – one hour of work, and then you can have 10 minutes of fun. Or you can install software that blocks your browser from opening certain websites. That way, the distractions will be out of reach.

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Use the right tools

We live in the age of technology, so why not take advantage of that? Some of the essential tools for business come in the form of modern software for time management. Among the best tools that you can use are apps and programs that help you track time, create schedules, and stick to your plans. From old-school Excel sheets to the 14 Dayz app, Trello, and the BrowserLock extension, technology can be the solution to your time management problems.

Learn to prioritize

Designing a website is not always a straightforward path – often, you need to do multiple things at once, go back to fix errors you made previously, and make time for unexpected tasks. From getting the entire process explained to your client to choosing a theme and creating a test website, it’s all important. But it’s not all equally important at the same time. Some tasks can wait until later, while others are genuine emergencies. It’s essential to learn to recognize which is which and then focus on what needs to be the priority at the moment.

Take breaks

It sounds counterintuitive but taking breaks can massively increase your productivity. When you’re constantly working, your brain gets tired, and you lose inspiration to stress. So if you want to prevent burnout, you’ll learn to take care of yourself. Don’t think of breaks and vacations as a waste of time – they’re there to help you recharge your batteries and give you a boost when you start working again. By completing tasks faster and better after resting, you’ll save a lot more time than you spent taking a break.

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Set boundaries

When you work in the digital sphere like the team at WP Full Care does, it’s easy to forget that just because you’re online doesn’t mean you’re available for work. Like everyone else, you clock out at the end of the day, go home, and have a life of your own. This helps you maintain a balance that makes work enjoyable and not stressful. If you cannot unplug sometimes, your work will suffer. So learn to set boundaries with your clients – have a dedicated work email that you don’t check at home, set working hours that you don’t extend unless there’s good reason, and only take on the projects you truly can handle.

Implementing time management strategies for web designers

It’s easy to read about time management strategies for web designers and understand why they work. But actually starting to use them yourself can be difficult if you’re used to operating differently. However, it’s worth trying because better time management will make you a better web designer. To implement these strategies for at least a month and see how they work for you. You should notice an improvement within a few weeks. Then, it’s all about turning time management into a habit.

When implementing a time management strategy don’t forget to create your 14Dayz account to track your time!

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