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Stefan Gallego

"Ever since I found 14Dayz, time management got a lot easier.” 

“Being a freelancer, you often have to go the extra mile to stand out with a product, in order to satisfy your clients. The 14Dayz application not only allows me to check time budgets for myself, the data provides a perfect baseline to discuss my efforts with clients, too.”

✔ Great on all mobile devices

✔ One click play/pause functionality

✔ Realtime and accurate

✔ Generate customizable reports 

✔ Use filters as you please

✔ Dashboard with project progress

✔ Manage projects 

✔ Manage team members
✔ Easy to use time sheets

Simple Time Tracking means:

√ First month free of charge!

√ Friendly to use on mobile devices

√ Realtime tracking with our one-click play button

√ You only need an internet connection to hit play or pause

√ Higher productivity

√ Dashboard with project progress to improve your business

√ Manage and compare projects to improve performance

√ Higher cost effectiveness

√ Forever free account for 1 user with maximum 4 projects and clients available

√ Project planning tool included

Simple Time Tracking

Easy to use

Customized Reports

Improve your business in seconds

Easy Onboarding Process

Our support team is there for you

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