Emerging technologies that will transform moving industry in the near future
Emerging technologies that will transform moving industry in the near future
29 november 2019 
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Emerging technologies that will transform moving industry in the near future

A huge technological growth that has been taking place in the 21st century is affecting all spheres of life, including all kinds of different industries. And the moving industry is no exception. While the actual physical part of any relocation still has to be conducted manually, many aspects of the moving industry have seen great advances in efficiency due to the development of technology. So, let’s take a look at some of the emerging technologies that will transform moving industry in the near future.

Time-tracking solutions

For starters, time-tracking solutions are becoming increasingly efficient, and major advantages of tracking time on moving day will make any relocation much easier to handle. An excellent time-tracking solution will prove to be of great assistance to both moving companies and their clients. Such solutions allow their users to easily keep track of various tasks while having a clean and intuitive interface. 

Among their features, there are no unnecessary options. There’s no need to add “gimmicky” features, as the quality speaks for itself. The time counter is easily activated, with a simple press of a button. You get a free app, the first month is also free, and you can easily export the data if you want to use it with other moving software.

What makes time-tracking one of the technologies that will transform moving industry?

But, why is time-tracking among the technologies that will transform moving industry? It’s simple – on moving day, you need to stick to a certain timetable. You shouldn’t be late with any individual tasks, as that means that the entire relocation will suffer a setback. If you’re a moving company owner, this also means that there’s a good chance you’ll be late for your next arranged relocation.

Use time-tracking solutions to keep track of tasks and stay organized!

Time-tracking solutions allow you to easily keep an eye on your timetable, and to keep track of all the individual tasks. If you notice that your employees need more time for certain tasks than they should, then you’ve found an area that needs to be improved. With this information, you can focus on honing your employees’ respective skills.

In the long run, these technologies that will transform moving industry all work toward making the customers satisfied. Customers not only expect that they and their belongings will be moved in a safe manner. They need to be relocated in a timely manner as well. It is the company that bridges quality and quickness that will profit the most. If you did a great job, but you were late or not fast enough, that certainly won’t do wonders for your reviews. And that is when time-tracking solutions come in!

But, that’s not all! A reliable time-tracking solution will also allow you to precisely come up with prices for your various services. As we said, customers value efficiency; if it takes you too long to accomplish a certain task, it could be that you’re overcharging for it.

Knowing just how long your employees need for certain tasks will enable you to modify your prices accordingly. If there’s a task that they’re excelling at, you can charge more due to the quality of service you’re providing at a faster rate than your competitors. On the other hand, if your employees are too slow, you may need to lower your prices until their performance is improved.

Free moving quote software

Luckily for movers, there are more technologies that will transform moving industry in the following years! One of the more convenient ones involves online software that enables users to quickly get a moving estimate. Relocation costs calculated online can expedite the process, allowing all the people who are moving to plan their budgets more efficiently. By getting a precise quote online, these people eliminate the hassle of having to wait before the moving company’s employee visits their home to give them an estimate.

With moving quote software, users will know as soon as possible whether they’ll need to start saving!

Sometimes, it happens that people will find out that they can’t actually afford the move, after having waited for someone to visit them and provide them with a quote. With this online software, they know right away if it’s time to start saving. This is great for planning, and it leads to more satisfied customers.

Such software is easy to use. Users are asked to insert their preferred date of the move, their current location, and the location of their future home. The sophisticated algorithm that’s hidden “under the hood” then performs the relevant calculations before coming up with a quote.

Virtual assistants

Virtual assistants, such as Siri and Alexa, will also have a significant role in the evolution of the way the moving industry operates. These assistants are helping all sorts of industries develop; the moving industry is certainly among them. Such AI helpers are very convenient, as they greatly shorten the amount of time you’d need to find data. 

AI assistants are one of the most promising technologies that will transform moving industry and for a good reason.

They have access to a database of all the information you might need, ranging from your schedule and data on your clients to information on your employees’ performance and even administrative tasks that await you. While you can access all of this data on your own too, time is money. With virtual assistants’ help, you can focus on getting things done. 

In fact, one thing that all of these technologies that will transform moving as we know it have in common, is that their creators are firmly set on helping people get things done. With such aids, more time is generated, time that can be used productively. As moving company owners worldwide are taking advantage of these technologies, the rules of the game are beginning to change.

If you want to stay relevant and successful, you have to adjust. With an efficient time-tracking solution, an online quote software, and a virtual assistant, you will be one step ahead of the competition that’s still technologically-primitive. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to excel!

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