Four major advantages of tracking time on moving day
Four major advantages of tracking time on moving day
13 juni 2019 
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Four major advantages of tracking time on moving day

If you own a moving company, it is very important to precisely keep track of time during the moving day. Doing so will provide you with several benefits that could seriously impact your reputation. You’ll run a tighter operation, and your customers will be more satisfied. And if you’re not an owner of a moving company, it is very important that you find the right movers that value your time. In this post, we’ll discuss why tracking time on moving day is so important, and how to do it properly.

What do we mean when we say “time tracking”?

Before we begin, let us briefly explain exactly what we mean when we say “time tracking”. Time tracking is a broad term, meaning that it’s not restricted to moving. In a nutshell, it is the process of measuring the amount of time that you need to spend on specific tasks. You can do that on your own, but it is much easier with a specialized application that lets you measure time according to different clients and projects.

With the help of this application, you’ll be able to easily keep track of various clients and projects. You’ll be able to calculate the amount of time that you need for a specific operation and to determine how to better optimize your operation. After all, time is money. Counter is started very easily, by simply pressing a button, no matter if you’re currently in the app or in your daily time sheet.

The advantages of tracking time on moving day

Now that we’ve briefly explained what time tracking is, let’s begin discussingthe four major advantages that tracking time on moving day entails.

Improved productivity

On moving day, there’s a certain timetable that you need to respect. If it takes longer for your workers to finish a specific task, sometimes that doesn’t only mean that the current move won’t be finished on schedule. It can also mean that you’ll be late for the following moves as well. That’s why it’s very useful to monitor each task individually. That way, you’ll know what’s the realistic amount of time that your workers need to accomplish a certain task. And with that information, you’ll be able to plan your schedule much easier.

schedule and plan your moving day

Tracking time on moving day will eventually allow you to make a very tight schedule.

Not only that, but you’ll also realize which areas need improvement. If your workers often need an unrealistic amount of time to complete some tasks, then you’ll know that these are the areas that need improvement. This means that proper time-tracking will help you both with planning and execution of the job.


Improved customer satisfaction

It is very important to your customers that the deliveries are completed on time. The company that often has problems with punctuality will get a bad reputation. That’s why tracking time on moving day is very important. After all, the customers are looking for a company that will not only finish the job successfully, but will do it fast.

Even if your workers are friendly and very good at packing, if they’re slow, that could cost you some customers. That’s because most customers will hire a company based on reviews and recommendations. And if you were late with your deliveries, that will both get you less than stellar reviews, and decrease the quality of your word-of-mouth reputation.

happy person moving


Improved invoice projections

Another thing that will decrease your customers’ level of satisfaction can be related with the prices that you’re charging. If you bill up front and you don’t have much experience yet, it can be hard knowing just how much to charge.

Both overcharging and undercharging are bad for business. However, if you’re tracking time on moving day, you’ll be able to see just how long everything took. Then, you can use that data when you’re calculating the amount that you’ll need to charge for your future projects.



Why use a time-tracking software?

You don’t really need a software to track time, but it is much easier that way. You no longer need to make physical spreadsheets on your own. With all the features of the 14Dayz time tracking application, data management is streamlined and easy.



All information is easily obtainable if you’re using a specialized time tracking software.

On the dashboard section of the app you can easily see what’s happening with all of your projects. You no longer need to sort through all the physical sheets, while trying to find the one specific piece of information. Everything is hassle-free and just a few clicks away.


If you’re moving, you should hire an efficient moving company

And if you’re not an owner of a moving company, but a person who is moving, then we highly recommend hiring a company that values its customers’ time. Such a company will keep track of time on moving day, which will allow it to perfectly optimize their operation. Your things will arrive on time and the agreed time-table will be fully respected. If you are moving in or out of Maryland, we can tell you that one such company is And if you’re not, google for reviews. You’ll probably notice that in the reviews of all best-rated companies, the customers have praised their efficiency and speed.

Tracking time on moving day

Good movers are already aware of all the advice that we’ve given.


Good moving companies will do everything as quickly as possible. They have measured how much time they need, and did their best to optimize each procedure as much as they can. One of the differences between a good moving company and the not-so-good moving company is that the employees of a good moving company have gone the extra mile in order to be as quick and efficient as it is humanly possible. For example, if you decide to speed up your packing process by hiring professionals, you’ll see that there’s hardly any way that could have gone faster. The same goes for transporting your things.


To recapitulate

Tracking time on moving day is very important. Why?

  • It will make you realize which areas of the moving process need improving.
  • You’ll be able to make much more accurate time schedules.
  • If you bill up front, you’ll be able to come up with a realistic price.
  • Heightened productivity, a timetable that was fully respected, and a realistic price will all make your customers more satisfied. In the process, you can earn more customers. And you can achieve all of that simply by tracking time on moving day, and then using that data to improve the various aspects of your service.

Maybe you should try and see for yourself: try 14Dayz free for a month and get to know all the advantages!

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