Ways you can improve your business this year
Ways you can improve your business this year
05 maart 2021 
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Ways you can improve your business this year

To ensure your business thrives, you need to invest significant time and effort and make your company stand out from the rest. This article will introduce you to ways you can improve your business this year, get more customers, increase productivity and employee efficiency, and ultimately boost your profits.

Automation and robotics

Businesses can benefit from automation technology and robotics in many ways. Using systems that operate with minimal human assistance can speed up a wide range of everyday tasks. Automation will improve productivity and protect your team from burnout. You can also improve your customer service with automation. While modern technologies work in your favor, you’ll have more time to invest in expanding the product lines and finding new markets.

Flexible scheduling

All successful businesses have teams of devoted, hard-working employees. Whether you have a large crew or just a small number of employees, you can boost your performance this year by changing the way you relate to your dedicated staff. Some companies can’t afford to give top employees a raise due to the worldwide COVID-19 crisis, but you can increase their satisfaction and loyalty by offering more flexible scheduling. Let them work more convenient hours or enable them to work from home. That is also a perfect opportunity to motivate your employees to track time. Try new and different schedules and then measure the results and employee productivity.

business improvement by tracking time

Use the power of social media networks

Social media networks offer a valuable opportunity to build your brand, grow your business and connect with customers. Depending on the nature of your products and services, you can try to promote your goods in a visual environment, such as Instagram. However, advertising online is not the only thing you need to do to have a strong online presence. Talk regularly about your brand on social platforms, share your mission statements, goals for the future, etc. You need to target your audience and establish your company as an expert in the field. If you manage to stick in social users’ minds for a long time, they will think of you the next time they need to make a purchase.

You may also choose to hire a social media influencer with many followers/subscribers to promote your products/services. Their impact is enormous, so working with them can be an excellent investment.

Time tracking will improve your business

Time tracking is easy – it allows your employees to record the time they spend on various tasks and projects. It’s one of the ways you can improve your business this year because it boosts productivity and efficiency. It’s widely used by companies that hire freelancers and hourly workers, but many other industries can also benefit from this method.

Companies who bill by the hour also rely on time tracking, and it can be a great way to stay productive if you choose to relocate your business with minimal disruption. Your employees can work remotely during this time, which can reduce your expenses since you don’t have to find an alternate office space. While you find the most affordable option to make moving your business a cost efficient process, your employees can use time tracking to improve their productivity and time management.

Build your e-mail list

Email marketing is still one of the best and most affordable ways of expanding your business. Find new subscribers by including an email registration form on your website and social media pages. Provide your subscribers with desirable, interesting, engaging content in your emails and newsletters. Reward subscribers with small gifts or bonuses in exchange for signing up, such as:

  • E-books
  • Coupons
  • Discounts
  • Tutorials
  • Free shipping offers, etc.

digital business improvement

Move to a better location

Relocating to a bigger office can be the incentive that your business needs to thrive. While moving is just one of the ways to improve your business, it can be the most significant one. If you see that your current location isn’t an optimal place for your business, relocation can help it bloom. Find a city that has a thriving market in your industry. An ideal place for your business should also have a highly educated workforce and a strong and stable economy.

Relocation will give you an opportunity to lead the change management process, rearrange your workforce, upgrade your office space, and develop new projects.

Encourage customers to provide reviews

Traditional advertisement methods and marketing strategies are changing and adapting to a modern, well-connected world. Before purchasing any product or service, customers search for reliable, objective reviews. Many shoppers won’t even consider buying a product without reading the reviews. In order for your business to stand out, you need to encourage satisfied customers to post their thoughts online – on your official website and websites relevant to your business. Social media networks are also a great place for posting a helpful review. You can invite clients to submit video testimonials on YouTube or another relevant platform. Offer some perks to those customers who leave reviews.

Listen to your customers

If you’ve been in business for years, you probably believe you know what’s going to sell and how to market your products and services in the best way. Still, doing things the same way you always have may not be the right solution anymore because times change, and they change fast. Maybe you’re not reaching enough customers because your marketing methods don’t work as well as before. If you only have one shop in one town, the number of people that can reach you is very limited. The possibility of making an online purchase is essential for almost any successful business, and an online presence should always be among your priorities. To find more about potential issues that stop your growth, ask customers for feedback. Remember also to contact former customers and ask relevant questions. Learning about customers’ needs and preferences will significantly help you grow and improve your business.

Reward loyalty

Finding a new customer is difficult, but retaining a current one is also a challenging task. In all industries, competition is intense, and rewarding loyal customers became an absolute must. There are many ways to keep your clients engaged, but loyalty programs are still the most popular option, so offer some perks and rewards to regular customers. Provide them with some freebies, or give them early access to sales and deals. Some businesses offer stamp cards to their repeat customers. For example, a customer who has ten treatments in a spa can receive the next one for free. Whichever incentive you go for, it should motivate your clients to choose you over your competition.


Make 2021 the best year yet for your company with these ways to improve your business. Introduce new technologies in your operations, focus your marketing efforts, build a strong online presence, use the advantages of time-tracking methods and build a strong relationship with your customers, whenever your base of operations may be.

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