Teamwork: the key factor in Olympic success
Teamwork: the key factor in Olympic success
23 februari 2018 
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Teamwork: the key factor in Olympic success

As with all games, there are winners and losers

The skating team of another country will not call the Dutch to win the bronze medal for the team pursuit. The Dutch team was the absolute favorite. They knew they had the strongest skaters. The coach could draw up any combination of athletes and still have a team of winners. But between winning and losing is only a small light. The loose jump of Jan Blokhuijsen’s skating feather was one thing. Was this the cause or could it also be attributed to lack of teamwork?


Teamwork: essential for success, also for Olympic teams.

But Sven Kramer, gold on the 5000 meters, also saw another cause

“The system of commercial teams allows individual riders to rise to great heights. But as a team for something like the team pursuit we hardly ever train together “. He explains why teamwork is that essential; something we at 14Dayz encourage with our application.

Something like that can come between you and the victory. And is exactly how such things can happen; not just in sports, also in daily life. We look at every small detail and try to get it perfect. When we see room for improvement and when we think it can do it, we immerse ourselves in it. However simple and small that is. But there are always issues that we had not considered. Is that bad luck or is that to ourselves?

A display of professional teamwork

Then do as this Dutch team did: the gold goes to the justified winner and we have taken out what we could. Keep it up. Keep your head up and try again. Even in the light of the enormous disappointment, they had to swallow, Dutch skaters were happy to take home the maximum that could be taken home: the Olympic bronze medal. Chapeau, nice teamwork!

Is your team ready to achieve the maximum?

As mentioned, tracking time and setting up a correct planning can be essential to a team’s achievements. With our 14Dayz application we support you in achieving the best results. Learn more about 14Dayz here.


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