The importance of time tracking in logistics
The importance of time tracking in logistics
28 mei 2019 
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The importance of time tracking in logistics

And one of the most important ways you can do that is ensure that your customer is completely satisfied. That also means improving your business in order to gain new customers and never lose old ones. Well, one way of ensuring that is through time tracking. Here are some of the reasons why time tracking in logistics is important.

What is time tracking?

Time tracking essentially allows employees to record time that they spend on tasks or projects. However, that is a simplified view. In reality, time tracking has found its application in various industries. It can be used by employers who hire freelancers or hourly workers. Also, professionals who bill by the hour use time tracking. It is meant to improve productivity and give your business that extra edge. Small businesses and large businesses alike use it for efficiency and other purposes. In this day and age, time tracking is pivotal for work, as we all realize the truth of the matter – that time is money.

The reality of business is that time is money.

Time tracking for business


Why is time tracking in logistics important?

There are various reasons why time tracking in logistics is important. In general, the operations carried out in logistics are incredibly complex. That is – in logistics, simple does not exist. Every operation has to be coordinated and delivered precisely. One misstep and a precarious balance is lost.

Basically, with time tracking, you can learn to be more efficient, to choose the best routes, to enhance customer service. Time tracking can reveal glitches in the overall work process, which can later be a good start for further training. It can serve for many other things and have many different benefits. Here are some of them:


Time tracking in logistics improves productivity

As with any other business, the most important thing in logistics is to be productive. That is, there’s no point in working from 9 to 5 if you’ve only been working for half of the time. And that, in logistics, can mean truly a lot. Productivity is one way of keeping customers. If you take twice as much as the next logistics company, who do you think customers will choose in the future? Put yourself in your customer’s shoes. When you’re looking at different transportation services at your disposal, you’d go for the most efficient company to do the job, right?

When we’re working, there are many things that, basically, divert our attention. These are called “time wasters.” With time tracking in logistics, you will be able to get rid of time wasters and make sure your employees and yourself are devoted to the task.


It helps you pinpoint areas that require improvement

In logistics, it is truly vital that every piece of the machine works in sync. There is no time for slacking, no time for prolonging tasks that need to be done and no time for mistakes. If one task takes too long, then your whole schedule gets derailed. If someone makes mistakes often, that also derails the plan. And when this happens, that normally means delayed delivery for the customer and, subsequently, a dissatisfied customer. When you pinpoint areas that need further development, you are able to work on improving them through additional training.

Pinpointing problems helps you improve your business


It ensures customer satisfaction

Let’s face it; customer service is the most tentative part of the logistics equation. When customer satisfaction is down, you lose customers. And once you lose them, it’s incredibly difficult to bring them back. By improving your productivity and efficiency, you’re making sure that you do everything in time. This is, as we know, one of the most important facets of any business. Time tracking in logistics is important because time itself is incredibly important in this line of work.

Logistics companies and, in fact, every company that works on the assumption of efficiency, of getting the job done within deadlines, needs to ensure that the time agreed on is honored. This later leads to increase of your customer base. For instance, if a customer is looking for an efficient moving company, they will most likely look for the one with the best reviews and most satisfied customers. If you’re in need of an efficient and professional moving company, go to With many, many satisfied customers, the company has proven that, to them, every job is important as the first one.


It provides for accurate projections

This is significant if you currently bill up front. And, especially, if you’re a new business and you need a basis because you lack experience. If you bill up front, but aren’t sure what you should charge, this can cost you money in the end. And that is the surest way of driving a business into the ground. With time tracking, you’re able to see how much time similar projects took and make up a pretty accurate invoice. Which, of course, then leads to profit.


Time tracking in logistics ensures that you can focus

If every part of your business, every cog in the machine knows what to do and how much time it takes, the machine will work perfectly. Many studies have shown that multitasking can sometimes affect productivity negatively. If you are aware of how much time a project should take by comparison, you’re more likely to strive to be better. That means that you’re more likely to focus on your part and improve your time.


Time tracking in the new age

Again, this is a pretty fast-moving world we live in. And we have to learn how to manage it completely. In the past, many businesses had the impression that time tracking is cumbersome and time-consuming. However, nowadays, there are so many time tracking options. But, mostly, businesses are turning to online time tracking software for help. Apps like 14dayz have many features that make it easy, manageable and clear. No more wasting away in front of a spreadsheet. Easier and more efficient solutions are the way of the future!


So, why is time tracking in logistics important?

As we’ve already stated – the time is money. And time tracking makes sure that you don’t lose any of it. Instead, it consistently improves your business and ensures that you get your deserved place at the top of the pyramid. With time tracking, your business grows by eliminating distractions and increasing focus, so that you can, soon enough, become the best that you can be.


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