Contractors and their needs and wants regarding time tracking, planning and reporting
Contractors and their needs and wants regarding time tracking, planning and reporting
30 juli 2019 
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Contractors and their needs and wants regarding time tracking, planning and reporting

That’s why we have prepared an overview of the job of contractors and their needs and wants regarding time tracking, planning and reporting. This way, the contractors’ requirements will be much easier to understand and hopefully help some of them organize their work.

What are the obligations of a contractor?

A contractor is a person or a company that provides materials or workforce to complete a job and is bounded by a contract. They arrange the workers, the necessary tools and equipment, materials and anything that is necessary to complete a job, within a budget. For example, a building contractor is someone who carries all the planning regarding the building of a structure, oversees the whole process and makes sure that everything is done on time. Generally, the responsibilities of a contractor include:

  • planning the project organization
  • supervising the workforce
  • making sure that the project complies with all the necessary rules and laws
  • doing everything that is necessary so the project is carried out on time
Time tracking for contractors

Contractors manage a lot of people and projects which requires a lot of time tracking, planning and reporting.


Why time tracking, planning and reporting is important for contractors?

When talking about the job of a contractor – organization and careful planning is everything. That’s why we need to discuss carefully the contractors’ wants and needs regarding time tracking, planning and reporting.


Contractors and time tracking

Any job that includes a project that needs to be done on time and managing different people or companies absolutely depends on time tracking. Time organization plays a vital role in completing tasks before the due date. Furthermore, it makes it easier for contractors to track the time every worker needs to complete a certain task. This way, he will be able to manage the workers and assign them tasks more successfully. Also, it will be easier to avoid falling behind the schedule and making sure the project stays within the budget lines.

Contractors also need time tracking for planning ahead. If they know how much time they need to complete the current project, it is easier for contractors to transition to the next job. They use time tracking for business forecasts and making future deals.

Another reason time tracking is necessary for the construction business is in managing the assets. Very often, companies rent the necessary machines or other equipment to finish a task. Therefore, it is important to finish the job on time so the contractor can return the rented equipment back, or even finish some other tasks.

succesful project management

Time tracking is essential to successful project managing


For example, when preparing for relocation and hiring a moving company from, people expect efficiency and respecting set time frames. Therefore, moving companies benefit a lot from time tracking since they can predict how much time they need to finish one relocation, so they can plan the next one.

Planning is a contractor’s job

As we already mentioned in this article, planning is the key to any successful project, whether you are planning a move, a home renovation, or anything else. A contractor’s job includes a lot of planning and forecasting, and that’s why time tracking, planning, and reporting need to be done together. Every contractor needs to plan:

  • the whole project in advance
  • each working day, from start to finish
  • meals for the workers
  • additional tasks, in case there’s some time left during the working hours
  • the most important tasks – prioritizing
  • the financial aspect of the project – taxes, payrolls, other payments.

As you may see, the planning of a project starts long before the project itself, which makes it easy to correct any mistakes before you make them.

planning and reporting

Contractors need to think about time tracking, planning and reporting – or use an app to help them put


What’s important to remember about planning is that not everything goes according to plan. However, you shouldn’t stress about it. A good contractor should be able to manage the situation even if some problems come up along the way. Luckily, there are time-tracking apps that include sophisticated planning features that help with all your projects.

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