Why is a simple time-writing program the most important tool in a consultants toolbox
Why is a simple time-writing program the most important tool in a consultant's toolbox
09 maart 2020 
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Why is a simple time-writing program the most important tool in a consultant's toolbox

If you have decided to become a business consultant, or you are well on your way to becoming one, you might want to get acquainted with the best ways to be successful at this line of work. In order to be an efficient business expert, you will most likely need to stay well informed and keep up with all of the up-to-date tools that could help you achieve the highest level of quality of your services.

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There is a number of available tools you can use that can help you out significantly. You can use them to analyze company performance and provide maximum efficiency of your own consultant services. One of your options is to use a time-writing program. Have you ever heard of such a tool? If not, here’s a brief insight into what it really is and the ways in which using it could help you with your line of work.

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What is a time-writing tool and how it works

Before you see how a time-writing tool can help you become a better business consultant, we’ll try to explain what it is and how exactly it works. Understanding how time-writing and time-tracking tools function will help you decide whether or not you might find it useful. While we were trying to come up with the perfect tool that would successfully track your working time, we realized that there are several very unique features that time-writing tools should have.

Every working individual can benefit from time tracking, regardless of their occupation or position. So, whether you are a regular employee, a high-level executive – or a business consultant, you need to be able to track your time properly. So what are the most important features of time-tracking tools such as the one we offer?

  • Our experts have managed to design a tool that can provide you with accurate business forecasting.
  • You can get features that offer you a complete view of your projects and your business. This way, you can also witness the current status of your forecast and planning.
  • With time-tracking, functionality gets allocated, which then helps you create separate project groups within your business or projects.

How can business consultants benefit from such tools?

To a consultant, this sort of time-writing tool can be beneficial in numerous ways. First of all, you can manage to set up the program for and with your clients. Once you do this, you will be able to:

  • Bill billable hours to your clients for setting up this program for every employee in their company, but also for every task and project.
  • Once the time-writing data has been gathered, you can use the report outcomes to provide valuable guidance to the relevant company. Just as any unique software for utility PLM, this tool will enable the employees to stop wasting precious time and working hours. Better lifecycle management means better productivity.
  • Www.14Dayz.com Easy Time Tracking is very easy to set up and use. And this applies to both the desktop version and the mobile app. Not much training is needed to quickly start using the program by the employees of basically any company you work for as a consultant.

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Do not forget about the low price of this tool

We all know how important it is not to waste time – but wasting money is also something we should try to avoid. Being efficient and productive is what your work is all about. This means that choosing affordable yet streamlined solutions is the best way for you to become a successful business consultant. The low-cost price of 14Dayz is definitely a great advantage over all other scheduling programs. Here, you will find no unnecessary features and functions that you will have to spend more money on.

How can you implement 14Dayz time-writing tool?

There’s no need to take any chances when it comes to choosing a time-writing program for your consultant’s toolbox. 14Dayz offers a free trial option, so you can check if this tool is something you will find useful and beneficial to your business.

If you find yourself curious and would like to find out how a tool such as this one really works – there is a really straightforward way to do it. Try it for free: click on this link and sign up for free. You’ll be able to enter the world of time-tracking in the best possible way! Use this opportunity and your consulting services will become more resourceful and you’ll find it easier to perform your tasks.

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