How moving companies benefit from time tracking software
How moving companies benefit from time tracking software
08 juni 2020 
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How moving companies benefit from time tracking software

Moving companies, at first glance, seem like one of the most analog industry sectors imaginable. After all, what is there to it besides packing up stuff and relocating it somewhere else? In reality, of course, it’s far more complicated than that. The logistics involved with running a moving company with a full schedule is a job in and of itself. And to do it successfully, you need to have the best tools for the job. In this case, that’s contemporary time tracking software. How can moving companies benefit from time tracking software?

Time Tracking and Moving Companies

So, why is time tracking so crucial for the operation of moving companies? If you’re able to precisely monitor the time it takes you to complete specific tasks, you can have a clear overview of data that’s crucial for business evaluations of your company. You’ll be able to set smart business goals in terms of customer relations, and then track how well you’re fulfilling them using apps like 14dayz.

Moving companies are businesses that need to combine personal dedication to each customer with a large project volume. It may seem nigh impossible at first glance, but time tracking enables you to increase your workload through smart workflow optimization. Both your workforce and your management could benefit from such software.

All of this may seem a bit esoteric — after all, what’s the concrete benefit from time tracking software that the average moving company can expect? In our experiences, there are 4 key ways in which this happens.

Movers with crowded schedules benefit from time tracking software

Movers with crowded schedules would reap huge benefits from time tracking!

Increased Mobility

The moving industry is an incredibly competitive place — everyone involved is aware of that. When customers search for quality moving companies in places like, the number of available movers is absolutely astounding. Many of them are almost indistinguishable from each other in terms of quality, which is why every little speck of efficiency gives you the edge over your competition.

With that in mind, know that time tracking increases the mobility of both your vehicles and your workforce. If you combine a time tracker with GPS vehicle tracking software, you will know precisely where your staff has been, and where they’ve spent the most time. This allows you to determine the amount of time they need for lunch hours and other stops, as well as give you access to time data regarding unexpected delays and local traffic conditions.

You can create more efficient schedules by examining spatial and time data. Many moving companies rely on a small pool of workers to complete a number of simultaneous projects; this requires an efficient workflow if you want your clientele to grow without skyrocketing expenses.

Better Communication

In most moving companies, the efficiency of the work depends on how motivated your staff is. However, there is no need to solely rely on the verbal and written reports your employees give to your management. With the right time tracking app, you will have a clear overview of all relevant data on how your employees spent their time. This also means automatic logging of work hours, which is essential for the efficient running of any business, including moving companies.

This is a dose of transparency every moving company could benefit from. Knowing that you can clearly see how much time they’ve spent on each task, employees will be more committed to the timelines set forth by your management. Your teams will achieve a greater level of communication and understanding, solely due to your time tracking software.

Budgetary Management

The financial side of any business involves meticulous planning. And that requires having a transparent view of what your revenue is. Understanding where your losses and earnings come from is essential to crafting the best possible business plan and budget. It’s worth noting that these aren’t always intuitively clear. The saying “time is money” is definitely true, especially in the world of business. The sunk costs involved with losing a little bit of time on menial issues can pile up after a while.

If you want to manage your business’ financial aspects efficiently, a piece of time tracking software will be of huge help. That goes double when it comes to payroll management; you need to know precisely how your employees have been spending work hours if you want to pay them accurately. And this goes for both salaried staff and per-hour employees.

Customer Relations

When you consider the basics of a moving business, you need to think about why it exists in the first place — to aid its customers. It’s a service industry, pure and simple. Considering that, customer satisfaction is absolutely the number one deciding factor when gauging the success of your enterprise. So, what are some of the expectations that consumers have when they judge their experience with a moving company?

First of all, they want their movers to be careful while handling their personal items. That cannot be reassured if your movers are constantly in a hurry due to a tough schedule. That’s why time tracking is essential for quality assurance.

Even more obviously, your movers need to be punctual. There’s nothing people hate more than tardy movers whose schedule they can’t rely on. And that leads us to the final reason why time tracking is beneficial to moving companies — reputation management. If you consistently manage to be punctual and caring with your customers, you will build up a worthy local reputation. In its own right, brand recognition is a crucial aspect of business marketing, so consider that when you think about using contemporary software solutions for your moving business!

Hopefully we could inspire you on how moving companies can benefit from time tracking software.

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Kim Terry

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