Need more time for fun? Start with smart time tracking!
Need more time for fun? Start with smart time tracking!
22 maart 2018 
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Need more time for fun? Start with smart time tracking!

I think that a person has not come to the world to work all day

But once I saw a tile hanging on the wall with the saying: “doing something is good, but it should not degenerate into work.”In my youth at school, I thought about it again; I want to do my best, but I also want to have fun in life, so the pleasure I write always with a significant P for me. Perhaps I could have gained higher marks at school and in my follow-up studies, but I am a dreamer and look as far as possible outside, and to a far horizon. Freedom and efficiency is what I like.

My parents even were told during the parent talks: “Your son watches the birds flying past more often than at the blackboard.”Now I think that the teachers of that time could not judge the value of a good dreamer, after all, it starts with a dream, then it can become a wish and then the goal! To set your goals and to be able to achieve them, you will therefore first have to dream, and many people forget that. Dreaming should be the most important subject at a primary school.

But you will have to earn your money and have to take responsibility, so nowadays as a free bird on a freelance basis I do some work now and again what matters to me and my networks.

Managing my time being on the road

I bring people in contact with each other so that supply and demand can be linked, that what I do provides a lot of other benefits. And because I also have to be able to buy my bread, I keep my hours neatly, wherever and whenever I want on my smartphone in a particular app. It just works very naturally, so no difficulties, comprehensive software packages for far too much money. Both online and offline I open the app*, for example when I make a pit stop with my old camper, and then I enter the time that I, handsfree, in this case, called in with my prospects. Not everything I do delivers something, and 100% perfection does not exist according to me and so apparently not all my hours are billable, but I get in this way a good insight what I’m doing.

time tracking 14Dayz

Pepijn on the road with his camper experiencing and testing 14Dayz 2018

The importance of efficiency

The more efficient I am, the more time I have the freedom to discover my horizon together with my girlfriend and to get to know new people with their arts and their wishes.

So enjoying life is important, but then there is another time to put everything together, and then during a pit stop, I open the app and create the reports that I need to have my invoices online within a few minutes. To send, just from my camper. I hardly need the tutorials of that app to master the program. Recently, I needed data from some years ago. Even the reports of the data I had entered so long ago, I could merely see again and put them in a separate file.

Freedom and efficiency

Increase family time with 14Dayz

If you are curious about which program I am doing this, please check here. Simple because it can be SIMPLE, and especially enjoy your life because I think you do not live to work, but you work SMART to live well.

*At the time that I wrote this article, I was testing the new beta version of our new 14Dayz application.

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