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14Dayz stands out in terms of simplicity, cost and effectiveness

Nathalie Molhoek started working at Ladyline – a Dutch franchising organization that offers weight loss and control services to women – in 2004 at one of their locations in Maastricht, in the south of the Netherlands. After four years as an employee, she decided to start a business of her one. At the end of 2008, she opened her first Ladyline location, soon followed by the second. Since two years her team members use the 14Dayz time tracking application to their satisfaction.

Time Tracking and reporting is simple and insightful

We asked Nathalie on her opinion about using the 14Dayz application. She replied: “I have been a Ladyline franchisee since 2008. We help women improve their figure and weight.” Nathalie and her team have a strong passion for their job. Coaching women and providing them with the best possible treatments to make them feel better, is what they love.

“We need to plan and monitor the time spent by our team members at each location, in order to be as effective and efficient as possible.”, Nathalie stresses the importance of accurate time tracking.

How do you and your team use the application? Nathalie: “My team consisting of 8 employees and I uses 14Dayz for the time registration and reporting of working hours. I can highly recommend the tool. We have already used multiple systems over time, but in simplicity, cost, and effectiveness, 14Dayz really stands out from the rest!”


If you want to convince yourself of the advantages of using 14Dayz for your business, we suggest to signup for the 30 days free trial period here.

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