The benefits of managing multiple projects in one tool
The benefits of managing multiple projects in one tool
25 september 2019 
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The benefits of managing multiple projects in one tool

One thing can be said for sure – time is money. So, whether you own a small business startup, or you own a huge corporate company, or even if you work from home, you must manage multiple projects and pay attention to your valuable time. However, thanks to today’s modern technology, a lot of things have changed. In the past, it was even impossible to think about managing your team and your tasks alone.

Manage your projects in one tool

But, today, there are many tools that are designed to help entrepreneurs, business owners, leaders, and simply anybody who needs to manage their time properly. What is more, you will only need your smartphone or tablet for using this tool. So, if you are interested in all the benefits of managing multiple projects in one tool, keep on reading.

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Manage your projects and improve your business


Definitely one of the biggest benefits when it comes to tools used for time tracking and managing multiple projects like is their efficiency. Not only will you be able to organize yourself in a much easier, faster and productive way, but you will also be able to do that whenever and wherever. Moreover, by using just this one tool, you can prioritize your tasks, as well as complete them or assign them to your other teammates. Basically, this app and those similar to it help people be more efficient and productive, thus making their business grow. So, take advantage of modern technology. Use anything that can save you time and money and you will make your business attract more clients and expand.

If you want your company to offer the best possible service to its customers, as well as be efficient and reliable, you must use some tools to help you out.


Remember those times when there was only one software, and you had to adjust your business to it? Well, those days are long gone. Nowadays, you have many tools designed to suit your company’s needs. You can actually customize everything! This is a great thing as every company is different and it has different goals. Also, these tools are known for their ability of adjusting. That means that your tool will change and adjust to changes in your own company. With this, you will be more flexible and in control of everything. Moreover, your app will grow together with your business and there will be no need to buy a new one. This benefit, flexibility, must apply to all tools you are using in your company. For example, if you own a moving company, one of the tools would be addressing websites such as in order for your company to be seen in a way you prefer.

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Time is money, so use a smart tool to manage your business and projects

Focus on Priorities

If you are an owner of a big business or your small business started growing rapidly, you are most probably in a big problem. You will not know how to organize yourself, your employees and clients, and most importantly, your time and money. All of these things are quite common in the business world. So if you do not want to hire an assistant, consider getting a tool which will bring success to your business by accurate time tracking, planning, and reporting. This way, you will be able to break down all your tasks and prioritize them. You will always know which employee is working on what, how much it costs, when will it be finished and so on. With a tool for time tracking, you will never be late with a certain project and your clients will appreciate it.

Say goodbye to those big planners and calendars! With just one simple tool, you will be able to manage all your projects.

Time Management

All project managers will tell you the same thing – managing tasks is hard work! It requires a lot of planning, organizing, prioritizing, distributing tasks between the employees, paying attention to the budget, clients, and million other things. As a project manager, you must make sure that every task goes smoothly. But, if you do everything by yourself and in an old fashion way, some bad and unplanned things are bound to happen. So, if you want to be more organized in today’s competitive business environment, take advantage of tools that aim to help you organize yourself and your projects. You will actually be able to track down every minute spent on a certain activity. Thus, make your job easier and embrace this wonder of a tool. Moreover, if you are a freelancer, this tool will be especially beneficial for you, as time tracking, planning and reporting are really important for entrepreneurs who are just starting out.

With a good tool, never again will you lose track of your projects nor forget about meetings or other important dates. Alt.tag: A man writing the time of his meeting on a piece of paper.

Staying on the Budget

When working on big projects with a lot of different people, sometimes it can be quite hard to know where your money is going. And, if you are not organized well, before you know it your money will be gone. A lot of things can go wrong when it comes to money. You may pay for something extra, but forget to pay something else. Or you may be spending too much time on some tasks that are not paid well, and then you end up losing money. Some business owners also have difficulties distributing tasks and projects among employees. So, in the end, they have highly paid employees working on low-value tasks and vice versa. Yes, this may sound strange, but, without proper planning skills, these things are quite common. And, this is how many companies lose money. Thus, if you want to stay on budget, use planning tools to manage your projects, as well as the money used for them. 

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