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Finally a time tracking solution
that saves time and improves your business!

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Meet your new time tracking application

With the 14Dayz time tracking solution you’ll never have to debate on the hours displayed on invoices. Wherever you are, whenever you like, time tracking with 14Dayz is simple, transparent, safe and mobile.

What our clients say

Time tracking helps me to feel free again

"My whole life I believed that I can "stretch" time - I was under the illusion that somehow you can make everything happen. Run a business and also run a family. Until one day I was playing with my daughter and had my blackberry in another hand; I felt stress and I could not take it anymore. I had to accept that we all have 24 hrs and that there is only always going to be 14 dayz in a fortnight. Now, I am free. But my journey began with my first small step - tracking time"

Romualdas Maciulis- Skills Access UAB

Dutch Lawyers?

The core technology of 14Dayz has been built to help Lawyers comply with recent Dutch legislation for time tracking in bankruptcies. We've studied our customers' experiences and worked with them, again and again, to squeeze out every single burst of data entry speed, whilst keeping the user interface clean, easy and simple. And we were successful: every secretary and lawyer that now uses this system is convinced logging hours online is just as fast as or faster than traditional time tracking in stand-alone software.

14Dayz improves my freelancer business

“Before I was using the services of 14dayz.com, I struggled keeping track of my worktime. The notes I put in a sheet were inconsistent, and impractical. That was a lot of hassle. Being a freelancer, you often have to go the extra mile to stand out with a product, in order to satisfy your clients. The 14Dayz application not only
allows me to check time budgets for myself, the data provides a perfect baseline to discuss my efforts with clients, too."

Stefan Gallego - Freelancer

Time tracking has never been more simple! Signup free and discover!

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