Time Tracking Software for Freelancers
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Finally a hassle free solution for time tracking

14Dayz is the perfect solution for freelancers to track time, manage projects and improve business


5 Reasons your time on mobile with 14Dayz time tracking software

1. Your mobile is always within reach. You can register your working time in seconds, even with only one touch of a button.

2. It improves efficiency. Your projects are in control, at detail level: minutes. Even your short coffee breaks can be registered with one click on the play/pause button.

3. No need to worry about excessive data use. The application only uses very little data at the moment you start and finish a task. Once the time tracker runs, you can even switch off your phone.

4. Your battery will not run empty because of registering your time, we can assure that!

5. Independent on where you are it's possible to view necessary insights of your projects. You can control your projects in realtime!

New accounts always get a FREE 30 day trial period with full functionality

Decide after your trial period what plan fits your needs: the free limited plan or the unlimited paid plan.

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14Dayz, the flexible freelancers choice!

Our pricing plans are simple and transparent. All plans - free and paid - have equal features to ensure the pleasure of using 14Dayz is optimized. We provide flexibility by only charging accounts for active users - with a minimum of 2 users - so you can adapt your account to your organization's needs with full cost control.

The features of the free plan are equal to the paid plan, but with limited access for 1 user with a maximum of 4 clients and 4 projects. Once your business grows and you need more than 1 user, more than 4 clients and/or more than 4 projects, simply upgrade to the paid plan. What will be your choice?

“The time tracking software not only allows me to check time budgets for myself, the data provides a perfect baseline to discuss my efforts with clients, too.” - One of our clients, Freelancer in Video and Graphics

It's time to save money with 14Dayz, the hassle-free time tracking software, now!